“Receive your sweet 2017,” the Lioness roars.

Surely, the enemy never fathomed the power and passion that the Lord has invested in the dynamic powerhouse known to the world as Prophetess Mary Bushiri. Ministering at the historical Night of Honey themed Cross Over event at FNB Stadium, Johannesburg , Gauteng -the Prophetess took 2016 to task, burying the just ended year with powerful far- reaching declarations in Prophetic prayer that will, needless to say, avail much!
The very first moments of the year 2017 collided with the crisp clear prayer the Mother of multitudes. As the Dangerous Duo took to the podium, thousands upon thousands raised their voices in approval of the demonstration of power made by the arrival of the anointed couple.

Prophets Mary and Shepherd Bushiri
Prophets Mary and Shepherd Bushiri

Praying over the mammoth congregation, the Prophetess, fondly dubbed the Lioness, raised her voice to the heavens decreeing the end of all the problems of 2016. Speaking out of the book of Exodus , the Prophetess quoted the liberating statement of the Lord to Moses : “Tell my people, in Egypt that I shall bring them out of captivity and into a land flowing with milk and honey”. She briefly taught the gathering, expressing how the Lord will cause even their enemies to be at peace with them. The woman of God then relayed how divine health would beat sickness that has been a stronghold, how restoration would collide with failed businesses, further declaring peace and rest where people had struggled in 2016.


"Receive your sweet 2017" - Prophetess Mary Bushiri
“Receive your sweet 2017” – Prophetess Mary Bushiri

The crowd rose to receive like a mighty army as the excitement mounted as Prophetess Mary decreed, ” wherever you have struggled in 2016, it ends in 2017!”. Announcing the end of debt and stress to the sons and daughters from all corners of the globe, who came in their thousands to cross over into the new year with the Major Prophet, the first lady of ECG released power to defeat all enemies.

Speaking in the new year, Prophetess Mary proclaimed, “No more tears,” over her children and invoked the God of Major 1 to cover the saints with powerful parting words :”Receive your sweet 2017, in the Mighty Name of Jesus”. That said , she then joined the Prophet in welcoming the year of sweetness in prayer. Dear reader- receive the year of Honey, 2017 – in the Mighty name of Jesus!

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