Shepherd Bushiri Publications Pre-launch

The President and founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering hosted a pre-launch for his new book collection on the 26th of December, 2016, during his prophetic school of ministry program.

The man of God who is not just a business tycoon but a world renowned Prophet is also an author of several African best selling books. After releasing seven books at the beginning of the year, with the famous, “Titus,” Prophet Shepherd Bushiri closed the year by bringing to the table eight more books.
Statistics have evidenced that it takes a minimum of six months for a qualified author to produce a single book, however, intriguingly, the man of God has managed to produce a total of eighteen books within a space of only two years.
After quoting scripture from Acts 3:15 which reads,
“Guided by the author of life, Jesus Christ,”
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri went on to reveal the source of his inspiration. He enunciated that Jesus Christ, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit is the main author of all his books. Further emphasising the fact that without such interventions, he would not have been able to produce such groundbreaking results.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri officially opened his Shepherd Bushiri Publications Company in the year 2015, paving way for other inspired authors in his church to showcase their written talents as well. The company which works for 8hrs every single day of the week, has but one mandate and that is to make sure that they distribute books of grand quality to the neighbouring boarders and communities.
In his book entitled, “Titus,” Major 1 explaines the importance of true sonship and also portrays the significance of one having a spiritual father figure in their lives. In the prophetic calling, Prophet  Shepherd Bushiri also shares the key concepts to discovering one’s calling and purpose for life. He narrates in detail that it all comes down to divine encounters- where one’s hunger for knowledge meets the unquenchable supply of revelations that God has deposited into every manservant.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s dynamic insights and encouragements are showcased in every single one of his books. As an author of incomparable ability, all of his books consistently proclaim characteristics of nobility, truth and benevolence. His writting provides the reader with an amazing apprehension into spiritual-life changing principles. It is articulate, convincing and practical.
Upon reading a series of his revelation picked books, it is, however, easy to see why Major 1 is loved and revered by his followers. Shepherd Bushiri’s aim as an author is to disciple those that are crippled and downtrodden as well as empowering upcoming generations in the ways of Christ. There is no better living example of the consistent ability to draw from the well of God’s wisdom whilst revealing kingdom secrets concerning God’s will than this man. Shepherd Bushiri is a man without equivalent.

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