Christmas Sunday LIVE: Man Testifies of Millions!

A man with a brother who was mentally ill for over thirty years was pleasantly surprised in a Christmas service as the man of God located him, told him of his suffering and even the illness of his brother. Major 1 takes time to recognize this son, stating that ECG is a production hub of millionaire. A graduate of the diplomatic service. Today he is a laughing from a place of plenty, testifying as it was prophesied by the Prophet of or day. He is now a millionaire and his brother completely healed after 38 years.


Today we are seeing, contracts valued in millions, monies skyrocketing to US$20 million a month channelling into this kingdom financier’s pocket. Major 1 quotes the scripture: “You shall lend to nations”. Our father releases the millionaire anointing over his children. Major prays for speed for the man testifying and as we see this miracle coming to pass – all the glory belongs to Jesus!

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